Hi ! I am Wilson, a married Chinese living in Malaysia. Picture at the right is a picture of me and my wife taken 4 years ago.

I have been working with a Shipping Company in Malaysia for 10 years, and I realised that I can’t really find my life working with them. As a father of 2, I really had spend most of my time in the work instead of paying attention to my 4 yrs old and 1 yr old. Recently I had attended much talks and seminars on attention needed for child during their childhood area before everything is too late.

January 2017, due to the economy downturn in my country, I had lost my job, decided to spend a few months accompanying my families without any income, but I know, if this goes on, it will dries up my 10 years of savings sooner than I thought with a 3 dependents.

March 2017, I had heard of a thing called Affiliate Marketing from a friend’s friend and he told me he is quite successful in it. Based on the logics that he had told me, I fully agreed that such thing will work as these days are internet blooming days where people needs to connect to the Internet where ever they are.

Mid of March 2017, I had came across a blog wrote by Kyle a founder of Wealthy Affiliate, and decided to work with him. With Kyle and Video guidance in Wealthy Affiliate, I had not much fear with the zero knowledge of mine in creating website / blog / publishing / advertising. After watching a few video guidance, it’s building up my confidence in earning money from the Internet!

Well.. I think there are many of you out there who wished to spend more time with your family and not worrying about your financial capabilities.

Click on the link to read for my review of Wealthy Affiliate .

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