With the internet rich world now, people now are looking opportunity online where you can work-from-home without formal wear and travelling to the office. You won’t have your time tied up from 9 to 5 pm during the weekdays.

Although there are many opportunity out there in the online world, it’s a must for us to alert ourselves not to fall for certain online scams out there.

Professionals scammers have plenty of ways to scam people either thru fake website or emails. You may refer to my page for certain type of scams in the internet and make sure not to fall for it.

How to Avoid being Scam

In the internet world, all of us must learn to protect our identity and cash from online scammer. Below are few important points where you should take note to reduce the chances of being scam.

– only allow trusted sources to remote into your PC

– create complicated password which are not easy to guess.

– use up to date antivirus software

– ensure you are using a secure site when you are buying any products or software online. IE: their website should show https instead of http.

– Make sure firewall on your PC is on

– if you had suspect that you had received a scam mail, do not reply to the mail nor click any links shown in the mail. It might have bring you to a fake website to trick you into entering your personal information into it.

– always question yourselves whether it is too good to be true. There are no such thing as double or triple up your paid up in a few weeks or few days. Even if there is, it will be fully queued up by those huge investment institution.

– there are no such thing as upfront payment for a job where they require you to pay certain amount of money to them before you are able to receive any jobs that you can work from home. If you are employed by an entity nearby your hometown and need you to be in the office during the working hours, do the employer ask you as an employee to pay them money before you can start work?

Sometimes before going into anything, if your instinct tells you that it might be a scam, and if you feel that, it is better to avoid than sorry. Or you may do more research on it first, and ask advice from friends around as they might have experienced it before.

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