During Year 2017, the total market capitalization in the cryptocurrencies world had increase tremendously. The price of Bitcoin had increased from USD 500 to the peak of nearly USD 20,000 per Bitcoin. More and more people around the world are hearing the name Bitcoin, thanks to the financial news around the world where Governments and Regulators are trying to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Last Sunday, I spend a full day at Starbucks writing my blog, I kept hearing topics of Bitcoins / Dogecoin from the nearby tables. ( I knew that this is not right listening to others’ topics without permission, but I am unable to control myself to keep my ear open once I heard the name of “bitcoin or other altcoins” name from the other table.  ) – end up – I found out that they only speaks about it but had no idea how to get or start investing into them or use them.

The day after, I had met a friend of my dad, he asked me whether I had any knowledge in buying / selling Bitcoins and other Altcoins. He told me that, he is interested in buying some bitcoins and some altcoins for a long term investment, but he had no idea where/how to start. – end up – I helped him out.

I came home and did some research on the altcoins / ICO available out there and one of them that brought up my attention was Electroneum (ETN).

Why am I choosing Electroneum as my favorite altcoin? 

It’s as simple as because they are going for the Mass Adoption strategy. They had a simple platform where you can send and receive Electroneum using your mobile phone or tablet by scanning each other QR code, and even a simulated mining where you can actually received real Electroneum coins directly into your mobile wallet. With all these functions build into an app for a mobile phone / tablet, it is very convenient and user friendly for those people out there who had not involved in cryptocurrency before.

All you need to do is to:
1.Register / create an account at www.electroneum.com
2.Download their app into your mobile phone
3.Login with the same username and password.

That’s all !

You can start their Mining Simulation in your mobile phone and start to earn Electroneum coins!
Myself had tested it, and send some coins to exchanges like Kucoin & Cryptopia where they can be traded. Of course, such a good potential coin, I am keeping it as a long term investment.

*Simulated mining doesn’t really consume your mobile phone battery and data. Had tested it, my phone doesn’t heat up, the battery still works fine like usual, data consumption is very minimal, and I am letting it running in the background like FOREVER. 

What Electroneum team is trying to do?

With the Marketing geniuses in their team, they are currently getting into partners with huge telcos to promote Electroneum to their users. These huge telcos do not have hundreds / thousands of customers but…millions.

I believe in a year or two, people will talk more about Electroneum than the other cryptocoins… Hehe.

Imagine if the telcos’ customers are using the Electroneum app to get free Electroneum to use as a payment to their phone bills, they are considered as referrals by the telcos‘ and this will generate additional revenue for the telcos. I believed that telcos will easily accept Electroneum’s proposal.

Other than that, Electroneum simulated mining speed are calculated based on the type of mobile phone. For certain Telcos’ customers, in order for them to get more Electroneum in a month, customers will tend to go for a better specs mobile phone where their mining speed are much higher. These directly has some positive impact on the sales of higher specs mobile phone.

Like myself, I am only using a mobile phone that has 30 hashrate per second, where my wife’s phone has around 40 hashrate per second. I am now considering to get a better phone for myself……….

According to the Team, more and more are coming, and they might even have a mobile game where you can earn electroneum while playing it, sounds interesting.

A few videos below are introduction of Electroneum by CEO Richard Ells

About Electroneum Wallet Security

Their online/offline wallet can be considered as one of the best security wallet out there.

Why did I said so?

You guys might not know about the history of Electroneum that had happened just after their ICO. They had been attacked by hackers, but they managed to keep everyone coins safe. This had caused them to work with Hackerone to improve even more to their securities. Everything was recovered and they are now standing stronger.

Electroneum Details

1.Ranked around 95-105 in the Coin Market Cap.

2.ICO price was USD 0.01 and currently it was at +-USD 0.015 . (A Best Price to enter for me, I had missed out their ICO) . Highest I saw was near to USD 0.20

3.They have a market cap of nearly USD 120mil.

4.Max supply of 21 billion coins

5. Infant Stage (only a few months after their ICO)

6. Tradable Exchanges : Cryptopia , Kucoin, BitBns, Tradeorge, Qryptos, Vebitcoin, Cryptohub

Myself had only joined into crypto world mid of 2017 and there are still a lot of things for me to learn. You may see that I had not mentioned much about algorithm of Electroneum as I don’t really know how it works, but with Electroneum’s simplified platform, we do not have to worry much about it.

All the best to Electroneum Team!


Electroneum Donation Address:

Electroneum App referral code:

*You may help me out by adding my code as a referral, you will get additional 1% from what I mined using my mobile miner.*

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