What is Cryptocurrency ?

Have you guys ever heard of Bitcoin or CryptoCurrency ? Even if you do not know what it is, I am pretty sure that you had heard of it and had seen it somewhere around the news, television or magazines, especially during these few months that how it had changes life of some people around the world.

Well, simple definition of crytocurrency is a type of paperless / coinless currency where everything goes for digitalization including the wallet. Certain people named it as digital currency where encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and fund transfer verification. There is no need of a central bank for all of these to operate.

What is Blockchain ?

Blockchain is actually a digital ledger where all transactions of cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.


I believe even after the explanation above, many of you still do not really understand what I had stated. But it’s ok, not much of an issue, the motive that I had created this blog post is to actually guide those of you who are interested to own some cryptocurrency yourself without spending any amount of money.

Yesssss….Including Bitcoin

I will be guiding you on getting 5 types of cryptocurrency namely BITCOIN , BITCOIN CASH, DASHCOIN, DOGECOIN and LITECOIN.

First of all, what you need to do is to have a digital wallet. No worries, as I had said before, everything will be FREE…….

1 .You may create your wallet here at Coinpot. Register with your email address and sign in.

*Please use the same email address for all registration, otherwise you can’t get the coins.

2.Below are the 7 links that you can claim your free cryptocurrency every 5 – 15 minutes.

For Bitcoin Moon, Dashcoin Moon, Dogecoin Moon, Bitcoin Cash Moon and Litecoin Moon, you may just enter the same email address as you registered for Coinpot (Digital Wallet) and proceed with the claim.

For Bitcoin Bonus and Bitcoin Fun, email verification is needed before you can start the redemption.

3. Once signed in for the above sites, look for the claim button and solve the captcha to prove that you are not a robot or auto clicker.

*Not to worry if you see terms like Satoshi and Litoshi, they are actually a smaller fragment name for Bitcoin and Litecoin.

4. After you had a few successful claim / redemption, you may then proceed to login into Coinpot to check whether the coins are credited into your digital wallet.   SURPRISE !!!

How the hell is this happening? Why are they giving us free Cryptocurrencies?
Believe it or not, we really need not spend a single penny for the above redemption. Of course, these websites, they are actually generating revenue from the advertisement shown in their websites, and some advertisement are pop ups. So in order for you to entitle the redemption or claim, you should disable the pop up blocker in your web browsers if there are any. In order to maintain the traffic and keep people coming back to their website, they offered to give free cryptocurrency and these are mainly their costs. Remember system barter =)?

How much you can earn from these faucets?
Alright….comes to the most important part of the day….. How much can you really earn or collect from here? It really depends on how frequent you do the claim or redemption. If you do it once every hour..maybe I can say you can get around 1000-3000 Satoshi per day?

Ok….do you know the price of 1 bitcoin currently ?

It’s at its peak ranged at USD 10,000 to USD 12,000 , and 1000 satoshi is like 0.00001000 bitcoin.
Do the calculation yourself ……. Sounds demotivated right?

SECOND MOTIVE of this Blog Post and Why i use Coinpot as my Digital Wallet

I am actually not aiming for Bitcoin’s Satoshi nor Litoshi, what we are suppose to look into is Dogecoin.
Dogecoin current price is ranged at USD 0.01 – USD 0.013 per coin.

Dogecoin has the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin and with some improvements in the transferring speed.
Saying of exchanging Dogecoin with other cryptocurrency, you can say it is comparable to Bitcoin, you have many choices to exchange out there.

Looking into the similarity of Dogecoin vs Bitcoin, I am actually expecting that the demand of Dogecoin will increase in future as nearby years as supply of Bitcoin is currently limited, it’s transaction fee compared to Bitcoin are extremely cheap. Market will tend to use Dogecoin to move from exchanges to save their transaction fee, this will cause the demand to increase and by this time, you can’t get Dogecoin at USD 0.011 anymore.

Back to Coinpot (digital wallet), it actually supports the exchange of Bitcoin to Dogecoin / Litecoin and vice versa. The rates will be based on live market rates. So my idea here is, with the Satoshi and Litoshi you earned, you can actually convert it to dogecoin and keep it till the price rises. It is no more worthy for you to chase after Bitcoin and Litecoin as their market price are already up high.

If you had followed my guidance above, after all the conversion from bitcoin and litecoin to dogecoin, easily you can earn 50-150 dogecoin per day. Keep it for the future ! Imagine if one day, the dogecoin price is at USD 0.50 per coin. This is the cryptocurrency world and it might just happen. Currently only 1% of the world money are invested in Cryptocurrency, imagine what if it increases to 20% or 30% ?

Above are just piece of my advice, you may choose to keep litecoin, bitcoin or dashcoin too without converting it to dogecoin.

Further Investing into trusted Cloud Mining

Well, after a few weeks of collection from the above faucets, you may now have a choice to whether invest into trusted cloud mining services like Hashflare

Be aware that many cloud mining out there are scams. You guys just to have be very careful in choosing one. If you do not want to crack your head in finding one, you may just use as per my recommendation above.

Those of you who are interested venturing into mining cryptocurrency may start off with the above cloud mining service. Building a mining rig or buying one is not cheap.

Cloud mining services provide you the choices to choose how much you would like to invest even as low as USD 2.00.

Before I end my post, if you feel unsafe keeping your wealth with Coinpot, you may choose to download other digital wallet into your mobile phone and transfer the coins there .


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