What is Traffic?

Traffic is the measurement of the amount of users that had visited your site. Having a website going live but having 0 traffic means that no one or nobody had visited your site and read the content you had posted.

Why is Traffic so Important?

Many bloggers or web owners out there know that traffic is the lifeblood of any online businesses. Based on the sample I had stated above, you may have a shop set up , fully renovated, products are arranged nicely on the display racks, but it is useless without anyone coming into the shop. Same goes to an e-store, no traffic meaning that 0% of chances that your products are going to be sold online.

How do you drive traffic into your web?

There are several types of traffics out there listed as below:

The Natural / Organic Traffic

– where you get your site/blog indexed by search engines, using the keywords of your website, get a good ranking in the search engines, and when users searched the search engine, you will get visitors to your site if your keyword are relevant to what the users had searched. You may refer to my page on Website / Blog Indexing for more information. Bear in mind, you will need time to build up this traffic.

The Social Traffic

– where you promote your website / blog thru social media like forums, facebook, pinterest, Google + or twitter. You joined relevant groups and promote your website thru the groups. With this way, you may also bring in some traffic to your sites. Of course, posting it once or twice won’t help, you might want the public to know whenever you are having an offer or new content to be shared.

The Paid Traffic

– where you pay to advertise your website thru other professional bloggers, Affiliate networks or even search engines. Your advertising thru Affiliate Networks will get affiliate marketers to advertise your site in their blog or site. You may refer to my page on Affiliate Marketing to see how it works. Search engine ads wise, you will get your site to the top of the search page when users’ search matched your keywords even though your ranking are not high enough. Of course it also depends on your budget / bidding amount compared with other competitors for search engine ads.

The Direct Traffic

-where your brand is already build up and your subscribers had saved / bookmarked your site. Whenever they want to search some related info or to buy something that they had previously bought from you, they will directly input your web address.

Which is the best?

In this new era, Bloggers and web owners out there of course prefers the Organic Traffic and Social Traffic where they can save a lot. Since organic traffic need time to build, most web owners will go for the social traffic strategy. This strategy is free and you may reach thousands and millions of people in no time. If your site / blog are really attractive & informative, you may not know how the power of sharing thru the social media that will create wonders for your site traffic.

To many bloggers or site owners out there, I know maintaining traffic to your site or blog is not a simple task. If you are stuck currently, my suggestion is that you should look for help. Like what i had done is to join a trusted community like Wealthy Affiliate and get professional advises from the members. You may have a look on the review I wrote about them here.  Who knows in the future after you had joined them, you might even get traffic generated from their members as they had over 800k of members.

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