Ever heard of Email Processing System ? I believed most of you out there searching for ways to make money online or work from home had came across this term called EPS. It claims that it will help you to earn cash from home by processing a few emails daily and money will be in your paypal account by no time. Does it sound too good to be true ?

How does EPS actually work ?

Once you paid for the membership fee of $25, you will get all the instructions, the ad copy and resell rights to the EPS. Your job later on will be just copying pre-written ads, posting them on an online classified advertisement site like Craiglist and attract new members to join. It works something like a Multilevel Marketing, where new members joined thru the advertisement you post will pay you $25 for the membership fee and this $25 will fully belongs to you as your commission.

It will be a repetitive process where the new members will be doing the same thing as what you had done.

It doesn’t sound as simple as just reading email right?

The way they promote this product are much misleading and it sounds so… easy.

And… if you had read thru my page on driving traffic, you will understand that it is not so easy to get people to your site. You might be spending a lot on driving traffic and end up getting  no one signing up for your ads page….and by that time you will be complaining that EPS is a Scam. It only makes you spend more instead of generating income for you.

EPS a Pyramid Scheme ?

Although EPS might not be illegal, but the way they promote and asking people to join seems kind of unethical.

Everything seems like a false advertising and you don’t even know what you are selling?

For those who had successfully gain from EPS..”Well…all the best to you

Next question I wanted to ask is –
“Does EPS able to generate sustainable income for you?”
“Does it build trust to your readers so that they will sign up with you when you have new offer?”

For the rest of you, if you do not know what is the answer for the above, you might want to read  thru a few of my pages below to get some knowledge on how things work:

1) Getting Started to Your Online Success
2) How does Affiliate Marketing work?
3) How to get your Site into Search Engine
4) Driving Traffic to your site.

Wrapping Up

Based on my opinion, there is no easy money in this world and even if there is…it won’t last long like what I had posted in my previous post of Money Game Trend of 2017.

If you guys or girls out there who are really serious and want to make a living in this online world, either in huge or tiny amount, you may want to refer to my page on Online Opportunities for my collection on the few legit ways to generate income online, either passive or main.

Thanks for your time!

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