What is keyword?

Keywords are phrases / words that internet users type in search engine search box to find the websites that match what they are looking for.

Why is it so Important?

From the statement above, we can roughly know that it is much related to driving traffic into your website. Getting more traffics into your site also means that an opportunity for you to grow your income thru your website. Of course the keyword you use shall be relevant to what you are promoting in your web otherwise you might end up with customers entering into your web without reading anything and then they click it off.

Keyword VS Ranking in Search Engine (SEO)

Many experienced bloggers out there do not spam their keywords in their web or blog in order for the search engine to give them good rank. Bear in mind, search engine will know if you are spamming your keywords in one page and they won’t give you a good rank.

Paid ads of search engine.

Of course there are also paid methods to get your site to the front page by using search engine ads. A super competitive keywords like “making money online” will costs you more than 1 – 3 dollars per click. Using this way, you may want to think that what if most of the clicks that entered into your web doesn’t buy what you are promoting.

Keyword Research Guide

The Online University that I had joined had guided me step by step from creating a website with my own domain, hosting, email hosting, web designing, how to get traffic from social media, keyword research and many more explore. The Co-Founder Kyle from this University had guided us a technique for keyword research called the Alphabet Soup Technique which I found out that it is quite useful and had helped me a lot in creating my websites.

Feel free to go thru my review of this Online University here!



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