Name: Maxbounty ( Affiliate Network )
Price: $0
Co-Founder: JP Sauve & Steven Sauve
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

Maxbounty Overview

Maxbounty is an Affiliate Network where it connects skillful Affiliate Marketers and High Paying Advertisers on a cost-per-action basis (CPA). You can either register as an advertiser to pay and pull traffic into your web or register as an affiliate to do marketing and earn commission on the campaign available in Maxbounty.

The Good:

1) They offered high payout rates

2) On time Payments ( with the minimum of USD 50.00 payout )

3) Many ways of payment method: – Cheque , Paypal , Wire , Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

4) Great Communication and Support from Affiliate Manager

5)Good Tracking system & Honest

The Bad:

1) It takes some effort to join them as a member. Many people tried a few times registering but got rejected by them.

2) Due to good tracking system they have, they are very strict about fraudulent activity, hardly any illegal method can bypass them.

Who should join Maxbounty ?

As mentioned above, either you are an advertiser or affiliate marketer, you may join Maxbounty as they honest, they offered quality campaigns and high payout.

Training Tools

A friendly Affiliate Manager to look after you and you may request advice from them.

They too offered free video courses in the website for Affiliate Marketers as shown in below screenshot.

Overall Maxbounty is considered as an elite / top quality CPA network compared to the rest out there.

Trust me…you will love the campaigns and payout they offered. You may click on the above Courses Catalogue image if you are interested to join.



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