What’s the first thing that comes into your mind if you heard of Affiliate Marketing ? To monetize your website or blog right ? When I started with Affiliate Marketing, all I kept in my mind was to make money , make money and make money which had caused me running into every direction and trying everything to squeeze a cent out of my blog without knowing the mistakes I was making.

Through months of experiences and researches in the Internet, I had came to realised my mistakes that had caused me wasted much of my time trying this and that.

In order to help new affiliate marketers or bloggers out there to save some of their time, I am listing out some mistakes below that ones should avoid being a blogger or affiliate marketer.

1) Upselling Rather than providing helpful content

When visitors are on your website, the word in your heart is “please click on some link and buy something” or “Buy this now!” . If you are keeping this in mind and converting it into the content of your website, it might end up like a hard selling technique and visitors may feel that you are trying to cheat them into entering or buying something.

What they actually wanted to read is helpful contents that are able to help them solve their problems. For example, you are writing a review of a product, instead of keep telling the customer how good is the product, it is better to tell them how the product are able to help them.

2) Do not Copy from others

If you want to have high conversions from your web, make sure you do not copy and paste content from the others, you need to be creative and show to your readers that you are unique from the others. Other than that, search engine are very smart, they can detect similar content and would not give your site a good ranking.

3) Too much of Advertisement / Affiliates programs joined

At my starting point, I had signed up lots of affiliate programs. In my mind, I was thinking that I can pluck any advertisement I want and put it up into my blog. Understand that most of you out there were like me, we would like to have multiple streams of income right ?

Keep signing up for new affiliate programs like me and you will end up forgetting which affiliate programs you actually had joined before. You joined too much of them and even if you have conversions or sales, you will have your revenue broke down into tiny bits by different affiliate programs. Other than that, it is hard for you to monitor your revenue too.

My recommendation to you is to choose your affiliate programs wisely and not to overload yourself. You may join affiliate networks like CJ, ClickBank, or Maxbounty and get advertisement relevant to your content. You only need to liase with either one or two of them as they have hundreds and thousands of advertisers who needs affiliate marketers help.

Tips here, try to promote products that have recurring commission.

4) No Tracking Done

Without tracking, you would not know where your sales comes from. You will need the statistics of your conversions for you to grow and focus on that campaign area that will generate you the most conversions. For those who are using PPC advertising, this is very very important as it will save much of your costs.

5) Easily attracted

After a few months of content writing and blogging, you still do not have any income from your website. I know this is worrying. You will be starting to find some other type passive income from the internet. Once you had found something that got your trust, you will definitely dump all your time in this new stuff instead of your content writing and publishing. Depending on how good you are getting organic or paid traffics, a few month time is really too short to see the result. I would advise that you should be patient for your web to get ranked in the search engine, and this really need time.

6) Not Testing the product yourself

Easily understood, if you yourself had not tested on the product, how are you going to write helpful content for the product to your readers. If they have some questions for you, you might not even know how to answer.

7) Not Spending on Required tools

Sorry to say that, without proper tools and quality supports, it is unlikely for you to success in this internet world. As per my previous post, the speed of the webpage loading plays an important role. In order to achieve this, you should have a quality web hosting and of course you will definitely pay for it. Other than that, you will need to have a nice, neat and professional theme that will attract readers.

Wrapping up

From the day I started my development in this internet world, I actually working with the mistakes listed above until I had signed up with Wealthy Affiliate where they provide quality hosting, video / tutorials to build quality websites with good ranking in search engine, and classrooms for questions and discussions. I would like to recommend them to my readers and those of you out there either you are stuck somewhere in the middle or you are just going to start your own internet business. Feel free to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.



  1. Gan Siew Chui (Yvonne)

    Hi Wilson, after your plus500 review post, I had been revisiting to your blog frequently to see if there are any informations that can help me out as I had just started blogging few months ago. After reading this post, I smiled to the monitor screen and in my mind I had been doing 80% of the mistake listed out by you above. I am now kinda blurr on my blogging path and hopefully you can guide me out.

    • Hi Ms Yvonne, thank you for following on my blog, since you had just started blogging, like the above I would like to recommend you Wealthy Affiliate platform, where it has a dashboard that helps new blogger to monitor their publishing frequency and the visitor engagement rates to ensure good ranking in the search engine. But if that is not your choice, then you may drop me a mail for any help you needed and I will try my best to see what I can assists.

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