The Money Game Trend – Digital Currency / Block chain /  Pre-IPO + MLM / Ponzi Investment scheme

Hi readers, I had came to an idea to create this blog post as recently many of my relatives and friends had invested in Money Game. It seems to me like it has been a trend between year 2016 to 2017  that there are more and more types Money Game appearing out of no where.

Most of them have similarity where it works like a Multilevel Marketing Scheme (MLM) . Other than you get unrealistic returns for the amount you invested, you will be granted commission for every referral you brought in and invest together with you.

Below I had listed out the various types of Money Game out there that you should watch out !

1) Digital Currency Investment

– Following the footsteps of Bitcoins, the smart ones tend to combine digital currency with MLM scheme and offered to the market. They mislead people’s thought with their marketing plan saying that the amount they invested will be duplicated if it remains untouched after a certain period of time. Maybe a year? Normally the return amount they promised will be huge example like 300% to 400% of ROI.

Yes.. it might be shown the 400% you have earned joining them in their login website, but bear in mind, it is not possible to withdraw all out in one time. Sure there will be restriction and rules to be met.

2)Pre-Ipo (Initial Public Offering) Shares Investment

-Similar to the Digital Currency Investment, they are also using the MLM scheme to run their business. This type of investments pursuade people to invest into their pre-ipo shares where it soon will go for listing. Normally they start at USD 0.10, and the more the members joined, the price will move up cents by cents.

They promised that your return will be doubled or tripled once they successfully listed in the Share Markets in a few months time. Once you are into it, you can even sell your pre-ipo shares using their system but with many restrictions and rules that they  had implemented, it is impossible for you to get all of your fund out as shown in the web. They only allow you to withdraw bits by bits.

Hopefully the Company survive long enough for you to get back your return. Get what I meant?

3) Combine of the Digital Currency and Pre-Ipo

-Where the company promises their investors that their digital currency will go for IPO listing and the fund belongs to their investors shown in their login web will be converted into shares and by the time they are listed, they can sell the shares to the market and get back huge returns.

Before the listing, there are no platforms for the investors to do withdrawals. Everyone’s fund will be stuck with the company and everyone will be waiting for the listing date of the company either in NASDAQ or London Stock Exchange.

Guess something is not right here? What will happen if all the members are selling their shares into the market at the same time? Or is it that easy to get listed in the stock market for that short period of time? You answer that yourself.


There might be more types out there that I had missed out as peoples are too creative. You might be seeing Offshore Insurance + Digital Coin Mining + MLM in the future. Who knows ?

Why people still falls for it! It is because of greediness. People tends to fall for easy income offer. Giving you a chance of getting super rich by having your fund sat in their company for them to do the investment for you.

“C’mon, you do not have to do anything, you just put your fund with us, and we will pay you back by tripled in a couple of month.”

Get out of your dreams dude!

Ways to avoid falling into the Money Game trap.

1) Think & listen carefully when you are attending seminar of any MLM scheme out there. Does it sound too good to be true. What are the products they are trying to sell ? or are they even selling any products ? In this real world, the legit MLM scheme needs to take a lot of hard work to build your empire, selling products / finding for referrals.

2) Check the Company name whether they are blacklisted by the bank of your country. Many of them out there did not check whether it is a legit company and just invested blindly.

3)Try to ask around about the investment you are about to enter. Ask for peoples opinion first, do not rush to sign up (even the offers are limited to a period of time) and dump your hard earn savings into it first. Who knows you might have people around who had experienced investing their money into Money Game ? I am sure they will guide you the correct way.

Wrapping up

For me, I prefer the hard work first and easy income later on like what I am doing currently. I am with Wealthy Affiliate University learning up my skill of blogging, affiliate marketing & website creation. I am with zero knowledge before I joined them, now I am able to create my own website and generate income from the advertisement and reviews which I had posted.

Other than that, I am able to setup Ecommerce website for certain of my customers who wants to start their business online. You may have a view of my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

Those of you out there who are interested, may join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I can help you up with the start up.

Good Luck and All the Best

Your Friend



  1. Hi Author, fully agreed with your post. Many of my friends had invested on these schemes and got their capital stuck up to now. They can say how rich they are shown in the account in the website but it is impossible for them to withdraw into their bank. I hope that more people will find out about your post and be careful with their hard earn money.

    • Hi Shawn, thanks for your comment. Really hope that people out there will be more alert on these type of ponzi scheme.

  2. Hi Wilson, me and my husband had invested in something like what you had posted above. Its already been a few years and we got our money all stucked inside. They keep giving us fake hope and expect us to invest more into them. Have you heard of Ufun ?

    • Hi Jaz, a few of my relatives invested into them too. Heard from them, they are in the same situation as yours. We really need to be more careful before investing our hard earn money.

  3. Hi author, agreed to your post. Few of my friends had approached me on something like that, and luckily i had not dump any money in yet.

    • Hi David, thanks for dropping by my post, maybe you can share my post to some of your friends so that they will be more careful before making any investment into these type of scheme.

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