Name: MYCASHBAR (Desktop Advertisement Bar )
Price: $0
Founder:  Not Found
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100
Verdict: Legit with Payment Proof

What is MYCASHBAR all about?

Have you guys heard of advertisement bar? More than 10 years ago, these type of application already existed in this internet world. If you are an active affiliate marketer 10 years ago, you might had heard of Spedia advertisement bar.

During that time, I still do not possess any skill of internet marketing, what I am doing is just surfing the web with their application on and playing their games to earn points and USD.

Well… I earned a little money of USD 50 in six months time using their application and I did the withdrawal. They only have options to withdraw via paychecks, and paypal during that time was not hot. Putting not much hope to receive the cheque, 2 weeks later, I got shocked….they really  couriered the USD 50 cheque to my house address with my full name on it !

Back to mycashbar, I had actually did some research throughout the internet where they are actually paying through Paypal. Many of the users had received the USD with payment proof.


I had ranked it 60 out of 100 because there is no information of their founder throughout the internet. Well…I guess founder is not really that important for us, as long as they are not scamming and their payout was legit.

How do they actually work ?

They are posting advertisement of their customers in these bar and the viewers will be those members who had downloaded this bar application and wants to earn some passive income from viewing advertisements.

Other than being a viewer, you may also get them to promote your website thru their application  by paying them thru paypal. You may have a view of the pricing table as below:

They have 74000+ members throughout the world. So it’s your decision whether you want any traffic from these members.

The Referral System

Moving on…by just having their application on your desktop can’t get you a Ferrari. With their referral system, they pay 20% for each of your referral up to 5 levels and this might become your monthly main income. Look at the table below for an example of points calculation:

The Good

1) Easy to use – Just a one-time installation on your PC
2) Take only little space of your desktop screen.

The Bad

1) Without referrals – the earnings are not fast
2) If you advertise with them, the members hardly will look at your advertisement unless your banner is very eye-catching.

Wrapping Up

Well.. for those who are looking at some passive income while you surf the net or use your PC, you may try to consider this application as it doesn’t really disturb on what you are doing on your PC. If you had a bigger heart, and wanted to know more how to do it with the referral system, i recommend you to get some knowledge on my Affiliate Marketing page.

All the best!

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