In order to success in Affiliate Marketing, you will need to have a profitable market niche. Niche means that a segment of a market that you’ve identified and it’s worth marketing to.

Choosing the correct niche for your blog / website can be a tricky thing to do. If you had chosen the wrong one, you could be wasting your effort on something that will never make you earn money in the end.

Always questioned yourself below few questions:

1) Are there anyone searching for content related to the niche I chose.

2) When searching in the Google for this niche, are there any other people advertising on the same niche and is there money to be made?

3) Are you interested or knowledgeable in this niche, otherwise it would be hard learning everything from the beginning.

4) Are the competitors website full of awesome information? If there any space for you in the market segment?

Most of the people got stuck choosing for niches, because they tend to get too much information from the internet.

-They are afraid to start.
-They do not know whether they will succeed.
-They afraid of losing money if they fail.

With all these in mind, you will be stuck forever.

Below are 2 of the best niches that I can suggest where ones can’t go wrong with.

1. Wealth niche

– increase of personal wealth means making more money. No one in the world would say that $1000 is enough for me monthly, I don’t want to earn more. With the internet world now, more and more people are looking for additional income online. It is ridiculous that you can’t make a single cent out of this niche, unless we are using the wrong way.

2. Health niche

– people nowadays are more health conscious compared to the past. Why? Statistics shows that human now are shorter life compared to the past where they can live up to 90-100 years old. Many outside there are facing obesity problem, where people spends thousands and thousands for weight losing programs or even paid for a personal trainer. Not only about this, we can also think about those supplements for health maintenance also.

For example on the Wealthy Affiliate program that I am currently in, if you really still having problem finding your own niche even after the guidance they provided, you may actually join their Affiliate Bootcamp program where the niche is chosen and it is under the niche of wealth.
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