Most of us, other than having income from our morning to evening full time job,  we will be thinking that isn’t it good if we have some additional passive income generated from the internet. C’mon, no body will complain that their income is enough and they doesn’t want any extra. Below I had listed 4 types of online opportunities that you may look into if you are looking for a passive income.

1.Online Survey Jobs

These are also simple jobs that require you to answer their survey question and get paid. Of course they will verify the information you provided whether it is accurate by asking certain same question again and again from the beginning till the end of the survey.

The Good:

  1. No requirement of any educational background.
  2. Time required are short to finish 1 survey.
  3. No Contracts needed for sign up
  4. Flexible time, do it anytime you want
  5. No risk involvement

The Bad:

  1. Will not make you a millionaire, earnings are bits by bits
  2. You might be boring keep answering questions
  3. Certain survey are only for certain country/ area.


2. Affiliate Marketing

As explained in my Affiliate Marketing page. This had made millions of people around the world having 5 figure income monthly from top affiliate network. In the past yes, this is not suitable for beginner, but things had changed recently with guidance and new services that simplifies many processes like what I had stated in my Affiliate Marketing page.

The Good:

  1. If you have your own blog, it may generate stable income for you
  2. No limitation of income, you may have many blogs and websites
  3. Needless of marketing skill to get started.
  4. Do not have any after sales service issue.

The Bad:

  1. Massive competition among the great programs from Affiliate Networks
  2. We borne the risk / costs for getting massive traffic, if no one buys we wont get paid a cent.
  3. Unsecured, your affiliate link might have been hijacked by hijackers.

Although there are goods and bads of Affiliate Marketing, but with proper guidance and help, sure you will be able to make it out if you are really into it. For a start up with professional guidance, I would recommend you an Online University named Wealthy Affiliate. You may refer to my review by clicking the below picture.


3. Investing in Forex / Share Market / Commodities Through CFD platform

Depending on ones risks appetite, investing in Forex / Share / Commodities is also an online opportunity. Of course having a good program with good tools makes a huge difference too. Without any experiences in investing on currencies /commodities, you may enter blindly and get all your savings burned in just a very short amount of time.

The Good:

  1. High Return due to the risk is high also.
  2. User friendly platforms, no guide needed
  3. Leverage offers the trader the ability to enter into a CFD contract using funds that represent only a fraction of its actual value

The Bad:

  1. The need for you to deposit money into it as capital.
  2. Too many scams/ fake brokers out there providing these type of services
  3. Your capital is at risk

One of the leading CFD trading platform out there are from Plus500 as per my review page. Myself had been trading with Plus500 for a year already, so far so good as I can say. Anyone out there who had either good or bad experiences using them may drop me some comment below.Thanks!



4.Advertisement Bar

This can be considered as the easiest online opportunity out there. You only have to download and install their advertisement bar, on it during your internet surfing and there you go. Depending on the period of time you are surfing the internet it will calculate the points for you and the points earned will be converted into actual cash amount and paid to your paypal account.

The Good:

  1. Very easy to install.
  2. Need not have to do anything, just on it while you are surfing the net.

The Bad:

  1. Only supports for desktop internet surfing
  2. Would not make you rich unless you had thousands of referrals
  3. Used up part of the monitor screen for advertisement

Well..little by little may make you some amount of money in the future. No one will pay you to surf the web right? Why not a try on it while you’re surfing the web ? We’re are not loosing anything !


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