Overall Ranking: 99 out of 100
Price: Trial $0 , Lite $9 mthly, Basic $29, Shopify $79, Advanced $299
Owners: Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake
Verdict : Legit
Website: www.shopify.my

What is Shopify and what do they do?

Shopify is actually an ecommerce platform best suited for either and individual or a company getting start for their online business which needed an E-store. It’s integrated function will amaze you. For example: it consists of tools for launching a site to live within minutes and you need not to worry about any hosting or buying a domain name from other 3rd party as they provide the services too. I named it the all-in-one ecommerce solution with built in pricing plans that cater to small starter stores to shops that are generating millions from their revenue.

The Good

1)Had almost everything you needed to run your online store –

For example, if you are familiar with wordpress or any other ecommerce plugin which uses wordpress, they might be lack of certain functions where you have to search for additional plugin like social media buttons, accounting invoicing, shipping and taxes functions or even discount coupons. For experienced wordpress user should know, the more plugin you install the slower your website will load for your customers.

2) Its interface looks similar to wordpress –
It is user friendly, nice & organized dashboard , no HTML coding are needed, many professional theme  are ready made for you to choose, what you need to do is to upload the picture of your products, and it supports functions similar to drags and drop to ease your editing. Steps are all shown on the dashboard from choosing a theme to uploading a product or choosing a domain name.

3)Supports for offline store –
Not only they provide services for your E-store, you may too opt for their Shopify POS where it includes the software and hardware you need to sell your products in your actual store. They too have IOS app which can be installed in your IOS devices and to be linked to a credit card reader. They also sells hardware like cash register machine, barcode scanner or a receipt printer.

4)They have apps available for yourself or your customer to download to enhance your store –
These apps are categorize under Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Shipping and Customer Service.
They also has a content management system where  it simplifies the communication between your customers and you.

5)Themes are ready made to fit into mobile or table viewing –
No additional settings require to fit your shop into a mobile or tablet size screen.


Shopify Pricing – Worth the Value

They offers four types of different pricing plans as below:

  1. Lite
    $9 per month for credit cards rates of 2.9% + 30¢, a Shopify buy button (so your site is technically not a real online store,) Facebook selling, POS integration, fraud analysis, manual order creation and shipping codes. One staff account is provided.
  2. Basic Shopify
    $29 per month for everything in the previous plan, credit card rates of 2.9% + 30¢, an actual online store, 24/7 support, fraud analysis, manual order creation, discount codes, a website and blog, and a free SSL certificate. Two staff accounts are provided.
  3. Shopify –
    $79 per month for everything in the previous plan, credit card rates of 2.6% + 30¢, an actual online store, gift cards, professional reports and abandoned cart recovery. Five staff accounts are provided.
  4. Advanced Shopify –
    $299 per month for everything in the previous plan, credit card rates of 2.4% + 30¢, an actual online store, advanced report builder and real time carrier shipping. 15 staff accounts are provided.

*All four plans above offers unlimited number of products, unlimited file storage, shipping label discounts and a retail package if needed. 14 days free trial not included.

For offline store cases, their offer starts at $29 mthly and the highest level costs $299 mthly.

If your business are running both online and offline, then they will have some other special plans where you will need to call in and speak to their representative.


Shopify Inventory – Shopify has an Inventory management system where once you add any new products into your store it will automatically be included into your inventory as shown below:


Shopify SEO & Marketing – Once your E-store are set up, nobody knows your site and there are no incoming traffic, what to do ? Not to worry about this as Shopify has a built in Search Engine Optimization features where your site can be easily found by all major search engines like , Google, Bing and Yahoo. This feature is automated and you can even customize your own keywords for each of your products.

Shopify Payments – They had their own payment processor called Shopify Payments (Powered by Stripe). If you choose to go with this, all transactions fee listed in the pricing area above will be waived.

Shopify Security – Shopify provides 99.94% uptime guarantee. Their shopping cart are hosted on a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant server. This means that your data, and the data of your customers, are secured. All pricing plans (excepts Lite) offer a 128-bit Free SSL certificate with no additional cost.

Shopify Support – 24/7 of full customers phone support, live chat support, and email support regardless of pricing plan. You may also have the access to their forums, tutorials and FAQ’s. Other than that, it has its own university where you may view their video guides and eBooks.

Who should use Shopify ecommerce platform?

As mentioned above, it is suitable for new entrepreneurs, intermediates and even for advanced users who would not wish to spend much time on complicated process.

I would recommend Shopify to everyone who are starting up an E-store or online business and those who are not satisfied with their current ecommerce platform you may have a switch over. Why not give it a try on their 14 days free trial and I am sure you will stick to it.

Any experience users with Shopify please feel free to drop me some comment below.


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