Website loading speed, why is it important?

Time is precious . . .imagine that your website needs to take 5 seconds to load with the internet speed nowadays. I think maximum viewers will only wait for 2 seconds, if they don’t find any text or images loaded in within 2 seconds, surely they will just press back and leave your site without reading any content of yours. Comparing to a website that had their full page loaded in within 2 seconds, you will lose out a lot.

Not only you are not competitive, with slow loading speed, it might as well affect your ranking in the search engines like Google. This means that you will loss much of  your organic traffics of your ranking drops.

You may have a check on your website loading speed ranking here at
It is free and it has most of the details needed for you to improve your website loading speed. I have a few screenshot as below:


Here are the few ways I had listed down to assists you in maintaining your website loading speed.

1.Wordpress Plugins – Always keep this in mind that plugins may make your site look more high end and beautiful but if you are having more than 5 plugins running together in one website, it will much influence the loading speed of your website. Should always maintain with 5 or lesser plugins. Maybe you can find one plugin with multiple functions instead of installing 2-3 of them.

2.Find a good hosting – A good hosting of course plays a very important part of your website loading speed too. A hosting with limited bandwidth and packed with users will reduce the speed of sending your website data to the requestor and this will have significant impact on your website loading speed from the visitors’ side of view. My advice is to choose a good quality hosting !

3.Optimized Images instead of huge size picture reduce loading time – Try to use picture formats like JPG,PNG and GIF instead of TIFF / BMP. Browsers can load JPG, PNG and GIF formats faster than TIFF / BMP as they are heavy formats. Other than that, one more thing you have to take note is that the size of the image, the larger the image the longer time it takes to load compared to smaller size image.

4.Simplify website design reduce loading time – a complex web theme may make your site to load much slower. It is somehow a little similar to number 3. For example, a website page with a clear and neat background will definitely load faster than a website page with a pictured background. So you should now able to choose your website theme wisely.

5.Avoid redirect – for example, you asked for the direction of a bookshop and when you reached there you found out that the shop had moved to another shop lot about 4 kilometers away. You will be wasting your time to travel for another 4 km to reach that shop right? The same goes to your website when it redirects, it is something like loading a page twice which means that it will doubled the time to load your website.

6.Update your wordpress / wix – either you are using WordPress / Wix to manage your website, if you see there are updates available, please do so. Updates are normally to improve the speed and functionality of their system.

Wrapping Up

Before I wrote this blog post, I really had no idea that the speed of loading a website plays such an important role. During my research, the thing that shocked me was the website loading speed that will affect your ranking in the search engine. Man…. this is too important.

Well.. for more guidance, discussion or video tutorials on managing your websites, I would strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. Not only they provide quality hosting as per what I had highlighted above, they have a system to monitor whether you have too much plugins, or is it time for your to have new posting? or whether you are responsive enough to your visitors engagement as per screenshot below.


You may have a view on my review of them in my Wealthy Affiliate Review page.

Please feel free to drop any comments below. For those who had experienced with Wealthy Affiliate maybe you can share your view with us in the comment below.


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  1. Hi Author, I had never thought of my website loading speed before reading your post. Didn’t even had an idea that it played such important role for traffics. Thanks for your time and information.

    • Hi Shawn, Thank you for re-visiting my post blog again. It is indeed very important the loading speed of your website. If there isn’t Wealthy Affiliate, me too didn’t knew it played such important role too.

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