Why are Autoresponders so important?

As an online business owner, maintaining your customer base is as important as finding new customers for your site. That is why email marketing plays an important role to grow your online business. They are so important that you cannot afford to let all your potential leads / sales to fly through your web just like that. You need an autoresponder to collect your customers’ details for you.

What do Autoresponder do ?

An autoresponder is an email marketing tool that assists you to build your customers / subscribers email lists, share your new content and promoting your latest services throughout your customer base by using its automated system. This means that, they can work for you even if you are sleeping? Sounds too good to be true right ..?

Yes..you’re right! It’s definitely true!

The Benefits of Using Autoresponders

Below are five things that will benefit your online business / blog.

  • A Time Saver

    Having an autoresponder, you do not need to write and send individual emails to each of your new subscribers. You may create a fixed email set for automatic delivery. For example, when you get a new subscriber from your website, you can set from the autoresponder system to send a welcome mail to your subscribers automatically.Imagine by having this Autoresponder, how much time will it be saved?  Online business owners only have to do a onetime setting on the email auto reply.
  • Showing a good impression to your subscribers 

    In this competitive world, it’s a need for you to impress your potential customers by showing them your commitment to customer service. Imagine, if your potential customer received a welcome mail or a special first time discount coupon from the autoresponder of your competitors, but nil from you, guess you already know the answer from whom will they buy the products or content.

  • Keep your audience engaged
     Setting up automated mail is a great way to speak to your customers and keeps them remembering you within your industry. Of course, not only your content should be informative, it should also meet what your customers’ are looking for or it must be something useful for them. You must make them feel your mails are worthy for them to read through instead of treating it as a spam mail.
  • Chances for you to generate salesWhenever a new subscriber signs up for your website, it shows that they are interested about what your business are doing. Now what you are going to do is to take this opportunity to send them some great offers using the autoresponder either in your welcome mail or thank you for signing up mail. By having this, you are already closing the gap in generating lead or sales for your web.

Now…Which autoresponder should you choose ?

With the benefits shown above, it’s a must for every blogger or online business owner to have such email marketing tool if they are looking for a long term relation and supports from their customers. I understand there are many types of autoresponder out there in the market but for me, I would fairly recommend GetResponse. Why? Mainly because they have free on-boarding and it supports up to 250 subscribers. For more information, you may refer to my GetResponse review page here.

Although some of you may say that there are certain autoresponder out there that are really free of charge, but just bear in mind. This system has your customer base with them, and of course you would not want to play a fool with your customer base right? Just like the advertisement of Chipsmore “Now you see it , and now you don’t” . A pull of the power plug for the server and you will have to say bye bye to what you have. Not to scare you, but it’s true based on my friend’s experience.


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