Have you ever experienced that one morning when you woke up, switched on your computer, checked on your website traffic statistic to see on any successful conversions and found out that its organic traffic are getting lesser day by day? I am sure when that happened you will be terrified thinking that something wrong might be going on with your website / blog. Not to scared the hell out of you, definitely something is going on that had caused your website organic traffic to drop day by day.

If you had went through my blog on traffics, you would have knew that Organic Traffics are generated from Search Engine and it’s a high quality traffic as the searches done in the search engine are relevant to the content in your blog post. If it drops, it means that it will have a hard impact on your sales.

Thru some researched that I had done in the internet world, the below are the few reasons that we must be alert of to maintain the ranking of our website in the search engine:

1) Changes of your website content (edit / delete / moved /renaming pages)

The frequent updating of content in your website / blog are strongly encouraged by the search engines, but one thing we needed to keep in our mind are those pages where they had already been indexed by the search engine before we renamed / delete or moved it. What you should do is to setup 301 redirects from your old pages to the new one which also meant that telling the search engine to look for the updated content in the new page. If you had no idea how to do this redirects, you may look for help from your web developer.

This is to avoid the 404 error message when visitors clicked on your old web pages addresses that had already been indexed by search engine. These error messages may cause search engine to loss trust on your web and de-rank you.

2) Improvements of your competitors website

Understanding about rankings, one goes up and the other one comes down. It is impossible to have 2 websites in the same rank. If you are not hardworking enough compared to your competitors, you will have them climbing up above you very soon. Example for one of the improvement are like adding new quality contents frequently as per stated in no.1. If you had left your website hanging there for a few months without adding new content or post into it, search engine do not like outdated post.

3) Speed of Loading your website.

Like what I had posted in my previous post, speed of loading your website have some impacts too on your ranking in the search engine. This had been started in year 2010. You may refer to my post here on what you should actually do.

4) Updates of the Search Engine Algorithms

This also meant that search engine are changing / adding new factors into calculation for ranking websites. These changes might or might not have significant impact on the rank of your website. For example, few years ago, search engine added that all websites should be able to support mobile view. Previously, things are not so automated for bloggers and web developers, after this implementation from the search engines, bloggers and web developers have to crack their head editing the layout for each of their web so that it supports mobile / tablet viewing.

5) Outdated keywords

Nowadays, people entered long statements or full sentences into search engines instead of entering only one or two words. If you are the one focusing on short keywords, I guess it is time for you to change and improve it into lengthy keywords to be more competitive in the search engine ranking.

Wrapping Up

It is not easy to climb up the rank in the search engine. It really takes much time and effort to get ranked. Don’t complain after 3 months of posting you are still not ranked in any search engine, it might even take 6 months or even a year for your site to fully get indexed by search engine. So, my suggestion is for you to do it step by step in the correct manner to get good ranking.

Remember ! There is no fast way, even if there is a way to cheat, you might end up get caught by search engines and get blacklisted by them. I am sure you do not want your few months hard work to end up like this. To ensure you are in the correct path, I would suggest you to join some experts communities where you can have some discussion or guidance provided.

One of the better choice I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate where I had wrote a review of them here. You may read the review of mine if you have some time and go for their free trial. No worries, whether your are already an expert or beginner, Wealthy Affiliate suits for all.


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