What does Traffic Exchange meant?

Simple saying of the term Traffic Exchange means that “you visit my website and I visit yours“. These platforms offer credits or cash for you to view websites of the others and in return with the credits you earned, you may advertise your website for the others to view.

Does it really matched the intention of selling your website content?

Well…the answer is NO.  Not 100% no….. but with little luck, there are still some chances that the viewer might get attracted to your flashy splash page and read some of your contents.

Experienced people knew the intention for those who had came into Traffic Exchange services are actually there to earn some pennies, their main purpose are not actually to read the contents of the advertisement.

Most of them will just click away the page once it reaches the time limit to claim for their credits or money.

Some of them are even worst…there are totally no humans in clicking on the advertisements and it is fully operated by bots (softwares) .

Although you will still get a lot of hits and unique visitors to your website but…..with no conversions, these hits doesn’t mean anything. We called these low quality traffics where the intention of the visits to your website are just for the sake of their own earnings and credits.

Types of Traffic Exchange services out there

Basically there are 2 types of TE out there namely :

1)Manual Type – like the example I had shown above where real humans are the one clicking page by page of advertisement. ( You may try your chances here with creative and attractive splash page )

2)Autosurf Type – where you only have to register , submit your website link to them and download their software for their auto advertisement display. This means that you will get tons of hits in exchange but with 0 conversions as only software are visiting your website, not real human.

The effect of Bounce Rate using TE services VS Search Engine Ranking

This is a really serious problem you have to look into it if your websites are linked with Google Analytics. The traffics generated by those traffic exchange services will cause your site to have bad value of bounce rate as every user will load the same page of your site without any engagement or content clicking and this may seriously lead your site to a de-rank in google search engine.

Getting Banned by Google Adsense

Not only your ranking will drop in the search engine, if you had google adsense in your site, most probably you will be banned by them as they clearly forbids users to put ads in websites promoted on traffic exchange platform.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I definitely will not suggest anyone of you out there to promote your website using Traffic Exchange services. As can seen from my post above, visits you get are “fake” and it will badly affect your site’s organic traffic rate due to the de-rank by search engine.

Genuine and organic traffics are still the best as they are relevant to your content, users searched for what they want and end up visiting your site thru the search engine.

For those bloggers or affiliate marketers that are still cracking your head on getting good ranking in search engine and organic traffics, I strongly recommend you to Wealthy Affiliate. They have hundreds of guides and tutorial videos to teach you from zero knowledge till you are successful. Other than that, they have hundreds of thousands of friendly members to help you out. You may have a visit to my review page of Wealthy Affiliate here.



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