How to get my Website into Google or Bing ?

Once you had published your website / blog, although people can access it thru the website address you provided to them BUT bear in mind, it will not appear in the search engines right away as the search engines have not crawl / index your web.

Manual Submission to Search Engines

For a faster listing into search engines, it is highly recommended to submit your website pages manually thru their webmaster tools. It does not guarantee that it gives a good ranking to your page because it was a manual submission. It’s a tool that we use to let the search engines know that we have some new content to share.

Period of waiting

After  you had submitted your site pages to the search engines, it could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to be indexed by them. It is not guaranteed that your submission will surely be indexed by the search engines, if that’s the case, you will have to wait for a month time and then resubmit the page again.

Your Website Ranking Result by search engines

If your website comes up to have a poor ranking, this means that when people search for the keywords that is related to your web content, your web will be listed maybe in page number 30+ instead of page 1. Your competitors that have good ranking web will be listed in the first page. Not to worry about, go and study those higher ranking websites, look at what they had done to their web and make sure that you are following the basic rules of the search engines optimization (SEO) . Make changes and keep improving your website and resubmit it to the search engines (a maximum of 2 times per month).

3 largest Search Engine (Google / Bing / Yahoo)

Submit Site to Google

1.Log into your google account

2.Search for google search console

3.Add a Property which is your domain / website url

4.Click into your domain name once you had created it.

5.Under Crawl, select Sitemaps

6.Then click on Add/Test Sitemaps to input your website sitemap link.

7.After you had added your sitemap, wait for Google to index your website.


Notes: Before the steps above, please enable XML Sitemaps in your SEO settings for your website.


Submit Site to Bing / Yahoo

1.Log into your Bing account

2.Search for Bing Webmaster Tools

3.Look for the options “Submit Your Site”

4.Insert the URL of your website and proceed following their web guidance


Notes: Once you had successfully submitted to Bing, your website will also automatically appear in Yahoo as they run the same search engine.


One more important process that I had missed out above is that both Google and Bing will do owners verification on the domain of your website whereby you will need to copy and paste a list of code provided by them under the header of your homepage HTML coding as shown during the submission process. Once verified and you are done!

If you had joined Wealthy Affiliate University, you may refer to the video guidance here if you are lost.

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